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Please accept our apologies for not responding to your messages. We have technical problems with our ‘contact us’ form. Please contact us through our facebook page. Response guaranteed!


Welcome to ÉireLux’s temporary website. We are working on a replacement. Thank you for your patience.
40 rue des bruyères, Howald (opposite Carglass).

We are open Monday to Friday 08h00 -18h30. Saturday 09h00-18h00.

Sunday opening will be coming soon!

ÉireLux Food & Drink Supplies provide Supermarkets, Restaurants, and Bars across Europe with a wide range of quality Irish food and drink. Many of our products are being exported from Ireland for the first time and we are happy to announce that we are now exporting to China.

We have transformed the old Thermolux premises into a large customised retail store where we have put significant emphasis on quality Irish meat (beef, pork, sausages, bacon, etc.) as well as a wide selection of frozen foods.

We stock the Valeo foods range (Batchelors, Roma, Squeez brands, etc.), Largo Foods including no fewer than 12 varieties of the Tayto range of crisps, as well as biscuits, bread, sauces and soft drinks including Club and MiWadi.

We also have a wide range of alcohol with 25 different ciders, 30 different Craft beers, 20 different Irish Whiskies and much more.

We also stock all official sportswear for RCL  (Rugby Club Luxembourg)


Managing Director, Vincent Clarke originally from Sligo ran his own successful logistics company for many years in Ireland. This experience has proved invaluable to the smooth running of ÉireLux as one of the biggest suppliers of Irish products in mainland Europe. Vincent’s leadership plays an important role in the acceleration and growth potential of Éirelux Supplies. Since its creation in 2011. Éirelux has tripled the number of clients and is rapidly expanding to meet the increase in customer demands.